BuildWindows 2012 Videos (Requires Firefox)

This page built by PeterKellner.Net.

Use Firefox Add-on DownThemAll


1. Open DownThemAll
2. Set RenameMask field to *text* *name*.*ext*
3. Set Fast Filtering field to {Regex Expression From List Below}
4. Set Checkbox Disable other filters to true (checked)
5. Click on the Start button to start downloading.

Regular Expressions for Fast Filtering Samples:
  /_high[.]mp4$/ (All mp4's that are high quality)
  /[.]mp4$/ (All mp4's of all qualities)
  /[.]wmv$/ (All wmv's of all qualities)

(After the Firefox plugin DownThemAll is installed, simply right click and chose DownThemAll on the popup menu for the download screen)

Total Bytes Shown: 78.0GB

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